Litter Picking at Warrington RC

I spent just over an hour this afternoon doing a litter-pick, and managed to fill a very densely-packed 100-litre bin bag with all the litter I spotted on the path marked on the map below – including any litter within reaching distance of the path. A lot for such a relatively small area.

I will do another in a fortnight or so, and see how much litter has accumulated. A found a lot of beer and cider cans and boxes that had been simply thrown into the bushes, “doggy bags” that had been thrown into bushes, and lots of smaller items like cigarette butts.

There was a lot of broken glass in the under-pass, which I didn’t have time to sweep up myself. I will report it to Warrington Council and see if they can clean it up.

I feel it would make a lot of sense for the council to install litter bins in this area – perhaps one at the foot of the ramp/footpath leading up to the A50, and another near the sub-station close to the words “Howley Ln” shown on the map below.

Litter PIck at Warrington RC – approximate route and coverage.

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  1. Jess says:

    I really appreciate all the effort many people put into making the world a more environmentally friendly place for us and all other wildlife. It is also incredibly alarming to hear how much litter has just been left there to ruin our atmosphere and our environment. It is very disappointing to know that there are people who just don’t care about their environment and they don’t know how much one little piece of litter can do.

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