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My name is Paul Connor. I am a professional Software Engineer – as well as an amateur rower, rowing coach, and environmentalist / ecologist.

I will be using this blog to organise my thoughts on things I find out about the many environmental issues that affect us all. There are so many problems – some that we hear about regularly in the news such as plastic pollution and the climate emergency – and others that we don’t hear about nearly enough and one has to dig (metaphorically, and in some cases literally) in order to find out that information. It is hard to know which to find our more about first, let alone deciding what if anything we can do about them.

Those that spring immediately to mind include:

  • Carbon Emissions
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Air pollution (esp. urban)
  • Loss of biodiversity (locally and globally)
  • Hunting

I am also very interested in gaining an understanding and awareness of both how these and other factors affect my local area – in part to help gain a more tangible sense of how these problems concern everyone – as well as trying to get a handle on what non-specialists with unrelated day-jobs like you and me can to do help alleviate these problems.

Partial collapse of the wall of Whaley Bridge Dam in Derbyshire due to high rainfall causing Toddbrook Reservoir to overflow – a local symptom of climate change? ( image credit Danny Lawson/PA Wire/PA Images )

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